Feelings: Uncovering What’s Hidden

Feelings: Uncovering What’s Hidden

I’ve always been a person who can speak her mind. I’m extroverted, and truthfully I love interacting and connecting with people. I enjoy talking about my goals at work and my dreams as a person, and I feel I can objectively express what I want and what I don't.

I’m good at "feeling" –– My body is very connected to my emotions. which is why I often allow myself to cry when I feel a lot of noise inside and or laugh at myself and at my contradictions.

However, I have realized that there are certain topics that I don’t allow myself to visit. Sometimes I don't even allow myself to think about them because I’m afraid of what I could find there.

Expressing what I feel and how I feel it, and sharing that with other people is not an easy task.

In the last few months, I have organized countless meetings with people who I have been wanting to share my feelings with for a long time, and I realized how difficult it continues to be for me. It’s like just before saying what I feel I get stuck on, like there is something inside me that won't allow me to vocalize it, to speak my truth out loud. 

Does this happen to you? This is not a post in which I share all the tips and tricks I’ve used, but rather a place where I ask you: Do you have tools that you would like to share with me? Comment on my latest post if you have any tips!