Love Yourself—You Deserve It

Love Yourself—You Deserve It

Human beings love to spread love. We share it with strangers, give it to the people closest to us and then leave none for ourselves. When the love runs out, we forget to value ourselves. We forget to love ourselves. 

We’re here to remind you who your number one is: you.

Love yourself. Feel yourself. Self-love is so complex but it doesn’t have to be. It can be natural, simple, pure. When night falls and you’re all alone, all you have left is yourself. You’re the only person to count on, to fall back on. It’s you who’s there to cradle you and keep you company. That’s why it’s important to love yourself. You deserve it.

Human beings are valuable and we’re all deserving of love. In a world full of uproar, we always have ourselves. We should find comfort in that. The power to love and care about ourselves is within is. It’s as simple as choosing ourselves daily—waking up and opting to stick by our sides. That’s how life should always be. Love yourself because—you guessed it!—you deserve it.