We Are Worth Our Time

We Are Worth Our Time

Like many people, I used to live my life in pursuit of immediate satisfaction.

I wanted a beach body in three days. I’d release a new collection and watch my bank account, waiting for the profits to roll in quickly.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what wasn’t happening right now instead of focusing on laying down a solid foundation for whatever was to come ahead. Metaphorically speaking, my attention went to making the branches of my life look good instead of thinking about the roots—thinking about the time they take to grow and how long it took me to get to where I was. I wanted to control the outcome instead of being patient and allowing life to take its course.

None of this made sense to me until a couple of months ago when I decided to take time off in Costa Rica after the launch of my new collection. It was time to escape and lose myself for a while.

I was so nervous to leave. I am very used to my routines and the boundaries I’ve created for myself.

I couldn’t use work as an excuse—there was little of it holding me back at that point. I launched the collection and had delegated sales to someone, so there wasn’t much for me to do at that point. The absence of a schedule or restrictions gave me anxiety. But I pushed myself to go.

Little did I know that a new kind of freedom awaited me in Costa Rica. I quickly realized that uncertainty is the best way to stay present.

Not knowing what’s going to happen next forces you to focus on what you have before you.  I realized that uncertainty and not knowing our next steps is the best way for staying present.

I took the time to wake up, eat and chat with people or for the first time in a long time, I didn't have to be somewhere or meet a deadline—and that was freeing.

I realized something very beautiful: Each and every one of us is worth our time.

Not only time to disconnect but also time to really invest in the things we want to manifest for ourselves, be it a beach body or money in our bank accounts.

I feel like the world teaches us a lot about having compassion for others but not necessarily about having compassion for ourselves and our own process.

I know it’s challenging but give yourself the time. You’re worth it!