Redefining Role Models

Redefining Role Models

I would like to start by saying that you have a little of every role model you’ve had in your life, every person you’ve truly admired, within you. 

Maybe this person is your mom, maybe it’s someone you follow on Instagram, or maybe, it happens to be your cool yoga instructor who taught you how to be chill for once in your life.

I’ve always had role models, but the relationship with them in my mind was often somewhat toxic. 

I followed or imitated people solely based on comparison, which gradually affected my relationship with myself and damaged my self-esteem. It made me have unrealistic expectations of who I should be or who I wanted to become.

We are living in times where we consume information all day long, which can set a tone within us that includes false expectations of how to look and what to be, without noticing what’s actually happening in that moment.

I began to think about the importance of taking some control over what I consume, filtering out the content that takes away the most valuable thing we have: our inner peace. 

Let’s start cleaning our spaces: our inbox, the people we follow on Instagram, the toxic friend that brings out your biggest insecurities, just clean it all. 

I invite all of us to start feeding ourselves with content that makes us feel better in every way imaginable. People who elevate themselves along with those around them, role models who we should admire. 

Look at it as a mental hack - if we clean up our heads, and open that space up, there will be more opportunities to connect with people who allow us to grow. 

If we do this, we can slowly become our own role models!