Same person, different body.

Same person, different body.

Five years ago I arrived in Miami without a plan. I had culminated a stage in my country along with a relationship of many years and simply made sense to move on geographically.

At that time I still had not the idea that Seventytwo°
was going to exist as a manifestation of myself.

The change to my new life made me lose a lot of weight, which made me ask for a lot of borrowed clothes and buying a lot of new clothes. This may sound ideal, but I did not feel it that way. I started to dress with an identity that I do not know. 

The identity of many others, of my friends, of what was fashionable "outside"

Two years after my arrival in Miami my body was asking me for a transformation and being in the fashion world, the best idea I could think of was to create my own clothing line and this was and is an essential part of Seventytwo° .

Seventytwo ° is about transformation and adaptation. Beyond adapting to all types of body is that it adapts to your body at different times you are going through. Or at least that was my reality and was the one I wanted to share and I want to continue sharing through the brand.

Today I wanted to share that I am on the beautiful path of trying to love each day a little more. 

And there are days when this costs me a little more than others. Whether due to lack of patience or lack of tools; but I know that I can always count on this that he believes for me and for you so that we always feel comfortable. It does not matter in the body that you are living. Why in the end we are still the same people and we will continue going through different transformations and body. And for that is Seventytwo ° 

note by Donna Garzon B.