Just Be

Stop being who you think you are and just be.

That was the lesson I learned from meeting an extraordinary person a few months ago.

Like most women swept up in the world of romantic comedies and meet-cutes, I was instantly enchanted. It didn’t take long for my head to fill with expectations and plans for just how this new relationship would pan out.

As you can imagine, none of what I thought would happen was, in fact, happening. My magical encounters were leaving me frustrated because none of my expectations were being met.

He was only looking for fleeting moments with me while I wanted all of his time.

After some thought, I decided to claim my space and leave myself open for someone who wanted me as much as I wanted them. Wasn’t I in control?

It took me a few days to realize I didn’t want to be in control.

I was annoyed with myself for even thinking about it. Why do I always do this, interrupt the flow of things and try to control the outcome? Why can’t I let go and just let things happen, let love happen and love myself?

The thing is, I do this not only in relationships but in so many aspects of my life in general. When the story isn’t happening as I’d imagined it, I interrupt it. The worst part is that I could be enjoying myself but still feel the need to exit because it’s not what I had in mind.

But I had my moment of recognition. I, like so many other people, struggle to be present and value what’s right in front me. We overlook that incredible experience or joyous occasion because it doesn’t arrive in the way we anticipated or in the box we envisioned.

To that I say, treasure it all!

Let’s all stop being who we think we are just start being.