Quality Can Be Accessible

The sweet thing about basics is that they never go out of style.

Shapes and cuts vary over time but, a basic white tee is one of those staples that will always stick around—like Seventytwo°. The good part: dressing is no longer limited to trends and fashion these days is about accessibility and personal style, in whichever way you choose to express it. We get it, splurging on a plain T-shirt doesn’t seem the most obvious.

But if you consider the numerous uses you’ll get from it or how essential it will become in your closet, it is actually the most financially responsible decision you could ever make.

A well-made tee won’t lose it's grace after being washed AND you will love it forever. 

So, how are you supposed to pick which T-shirt you'd want to invest in? Our suggestion is simple: consider your style! If you prefer a draped look, I’d opt for the Turn Around tee; but if a minimal shape is more your steeze, go for our basic 24/7 cotton shirts. I’m currently sporting my 24/7 white tee, and I have to admit, it’s what fairly priced, quality T-shirt dreams are made of!

Stay here to shop some of our favorite tees that will last!

It Simply Works

Our new collection is cooking & we can't wait to serve you.

A few new basics with more practicality and seducing twists. The beauty of it comes from an edge over the detail and functionality over trends. We might be the only ones to recognize these tees as completely different, but that is perfectly fine. We trust that once you wear them, you'll be smitten and on board with us!  

How did our designs make the final cut? Making it into this collection was anything but basic: the tees had to feel trend-less but stylish, must be able to ease into multiple wears and washes, and must mix well with others/anything.

The dream: in a few minutes, you are ready to leave your house and be put together. The how-to: wear your two colors and four shirts without it feeling like your walking in your uniform.

Feels a lot like white, black, repeat, except it's special everytime. There is definitely something to be said about that kind of functionality. Who's with us!?  

Stay tuned, it's coming real soon!