Change Can Be Comfy If You Let It Be

Change Can Be Comfy If You Let It Be

I’ve been feeling so many things lately.

Change has been on my mind. I realize that I’m the type of person who wishes for things to happen to her instead of taking action. I’d rather react than be proactive. 

The biggest change to happen to me recently? COVID-19. I know I’m not alone in this, but staying home to stay safe has got me thinking. 

The first days of quarantine—whether due to my anxiety or the general uncertainty—I spent my time on social media to cover up and forget what I was feeling. As the days went on, I got even more caught up in people’s lives. I was sabotaging my peace of mind and doing things that weren’t really making me happy.

That’s when I decided to take action. I started to filter what I was reading and seeing. I unfollowed the Instagram accounts that contributed to my stress and stopped texting the friends that brought me down. Doing the things I needed to do in order to feel better made me realize that I don’t  have to wait for a virus or any other external situation to make a change. 

I chose change. In choosing change, I chose myself. I did what I needed to do to make myself comfortable inside and out.

It’s important to train our brains and care for our minds as much as we do our bodies. So, I leave you with this: when in doubt, go for something different; reinvent yourself and open yourself to the possibility of a happier, new you.


We Become What We Commit To

We Become What We Commit To

One of the most beautiful things about us as individuals is that we all have a story to tell. The narrative may not always be pretty or what we hoped it would be, but it’s ours. For a long time, I was embarrassed to talk about myself and share where I came from. I had low self-esteem and didn’t think anyone would care about what I had to say. What did I have to contribute? As it turns out, more than I expected.

As I sit here writing this, I’m 30 years old and thriving in an emotional state that I couldn’t have imagined five years ago. I’m at peace with my feelings, I’m dependable and I’m focused. Five years ago, I would’ve never thought that I’d own my own business or that I would be capitalizing on my own ideas.

I didn’t think I was capable of showing up for myself. I didn’t know the first thing about taking care of myself five years ago. I was scared. My diet consisted of french fries and coffee and my only exercise was hitting snooze on an alarm. I avoided people and shied away from conflict. I was the girl who always had an exit strategy.

I tell you this to use myself as an example—as proof that we can turn our lives around. My new life began with seventytwo°. My biggest adventure and my greatest teacher has been this brand.
I’ve nurtured this brand as though it were my baby. I made a calendar for all of my meetings with suppliers, seamstresses and factories that would help me develop the collection. I befriended photographers and stylists—people who I now consider to be family—and created compelling, relatable campaigns. Work brought me closer to friends and introduced me to people that would show me the meaning of collaboration and partnership. 

In hindsight, I can confidently say that I became the person I committed myself to being. I focused on the present and the past slowly disappeared along with my insecurities.

I took better care of myself and looked after my brand, pouring over it to make sure everything was at its best. I made small improvements in my personal life, too. I ate better, I stopped skipping breakfast and I made better choices. Though they might seem like insignificant changes, each one put me on a path to improvement. One good thing brings another, right?

What did I learn? That willpower is not finite and that discipline and determination can get you anywhere. I learned that attitude is everything and keeping a positive outlook can open doors for you. I hope this helps you. And if you still need a push, ask yourself: what did you do for yourself? How can you solidify that commitment to yourself a little more tomorrow? 

It Simply Works

Our new collection is cooking & we can't wait to serve you.

A few new basics with more practicality and seducing twists. The beauty of it comes from an edge over the detail and functionality over trends. We might be the only ones to recognize these tees as completely different, but that is perfectly fine. We trust that once you wear them, you'll be smitten and on board with us!  

How did our designs make the final cut? Making it into this collection was anything but basic: the tees had to feel trend-less but stylish, must be able to ease into multiple wears and washes, and must mix well with others/anything.

The dream: in a few minutes, you are ready to leave your house and be put together. The how-to: wear your two colors and four shirts without it feeling like your walking in your uniform.

Feels a lot like white, black, repeat, except it's special everytime. There is definitely something to be said about that kind of functionality. Who's with us!?  

Stay tuned, it's coming real soon!