Understand Who You Are

Understand Who You Are

Like most of you, I’ve been stuck inside for weeks now, the days blending together like a movie on loop that I can’t just seem to pause.

I’ll be honest, I spent the first few days of isolation trying to ignore my thoughts. I did everything I could to quiet my mind and push away the questions I knew deep down inside I had to address.

But a few days ago I gave in and started listening. I gave myself permission to be introspective and find out what was really lurking beneath my mind’s surface.

What do I really want?
What is my purpose?
What is this global situation we’re all experiencing meant to teach us?

I began writing my answers down and, with each word, felt a little more comfortable with myself. I came to an understanding that I wanted to share with you:

This is an opportunity. We may never get the chance to slow down and reframe our thinking the way we can right now. It’s our moment to examine what we want most in this life and identify our true desires. 

I urge you to take this time to ask yourself the difficult questions you’ve been avoiding. The stuff that’s not easy to articulate but can set you free and help you grow. Who knows, you might just realize that the answers you were seeking were inside of you all along.