Understanding the Human Form and Movement

Understanding the Human Form and Movement

Our clothes should understand the human form and movement – they have to adapt to it.

Something I have noticed and honestly adore from the fashion industry lately is the concept of inclusivity. The industry has come so far when learning to really consider all body types, and it still has a long way to go. 

The reality is that ALL body types are different. 

Although we may share similar size with many people, our bodies are unique by so many other elements like the lengths of our torsos, the size of our breasts, or the shape of our hips… we weren't born to be a copy of one another.  

This is why, at seventytwo°, we don't only design one piece and hope that everyone will fit beautifully in it. Instead, we work every day to create pieces that understand human form and movement. 

Different body types have different needs, and we strive to meet them so everybody can feel comfortable and confident in their own skin every time they wear them. 

We are in the constant search to find fabrics that will fit better across the board, and we are always looking to get more creative with different designs and shapes so everybody can love our products as much as we enjoy making them.

At seventytwo°, these million little differences are what make us want to celebrate each and everybody!