Where am I going? vs. Who am I going with?

Where am I going? vs. Who am I going with?

I have always fantasized about finding that person who I can form a team with for the rest of my life.

This desire is something very personal, and it is one of the things that I would most like to experience in my life.

However, for a long time, especially in my 20s, I left many plans on hold because I still had not "found" that partner, and deep down, I believed that this person would be the highlight of it all.

I did not dance for a long time. I did not eat dessert. I did not touch myself, I did not bathe (lol). I thought, what for? If I had no one to share it with, what was the point?

I forgot one of the essential questions in life, which is: Where do I want to go?

I had to start asking myself that question instead of focusing on: Who am I going with?

When that question came to mind, the first thing I realized was that I had spent my entire life without really considering what I want for myself beyond sharing it with someone.

I realized that many of the likes or needs I had were inherited from past relationships and were not necessarily personal desires or things that I genuinely enjoy.

Ever since then, I’ve tried to be very proactive with my wishes and my visions for my life.

Everything that sparks curiosity in me, I have decided to explore.

I invite you to stop living in a waiting room and waiting for the perfect partner, body, job, or situation. 

Life is now. Enjoy it!