You Can’t Heal a Body You Hate

You Can’t Heal a Body You Hate

I have always been in the search to improve and evolve to be and feel better – my body, my routines or my way of thinking.

I have invested a lot of my time reading books and taking courses created to help me  learn new ways of approaching life, roadblocks, and communication.

But years went by, and I found that I often still felt bad or inadequate – sometimes I just felt like a lost cause – like there was nothing I could do to truly make a change. 

I was frustrated. I couldn’t understand why it was so hard for me to feel and be “better.” 

Nothing I did to try to heal felt right. I kept falling into old practices or patterns.

I came to the conclusion that all this was happening because I was trying to heal something wasn’t necessarily broken

I just didn’t like it. I wanted to “heal” my body because I didn’t know how to accept it. I wanted to get rid of those negative feelings I had about myself, and I thought that it was my body that needed fixing. 

And then it hit me, it was the way I approached and thought about my body that needed fixing, not my body itself.

I couldn’t heal a mind or body that I hated. 

I was doing the work backwards. In order to heal, I had to see everything that I was and love it, then I would naturally see and connect with the changes I was looking for.   

I am convinced that the seeds of our intentions have to be sown in a fertile place within ourselves.

Because if we keep trying to set a goal in unhealthy land, how can we hope to manifest our greatest wishes?

And you? What would you like to plant from love?