Accept the Good Things

Accept the Good Things

You don’t attract the wrong things – you accept the wrong things

When you think about certain situations or relationships in your past,

Are you one of those people who think: I don't know why I attract these types of people, or why this only happens to me?

I was like that. Every situation that I considered bad or any moment that took me out of my comfort zone, I defined it as something unfair that was happening. Something beyond my control.

I began to realize that I always found blame outwards, instead of looking within myself to see what tools I had to be able to overcome a bad time.

I often found myself in that same situation, constantly blaming the vibes, karma, mercury retrograde or anything that allowed me to continue feeling like the victim.

I had to do a lot of internal work to be able to realize that I was accepting all the negative that happened to me - from the bad relationships to the unwanted situations “I found myself in.” 

I had to stop seeing these things as something bad that kept happening to me, and accept that the reality was that these were things I was choosing to accept over and over again. 

In the last few years, this has been one of  the most liberating things I’ve learned. It has helped me connect directly with myself, to know what I want and what I don’t, to set expectations for myself and what I need, without leaving that responsibility to others, and in turn I’ve learned to accept the good things.