Cotton Skin

Cotton Skin

Some say the best stories are not found in books; the best stories are displayed on one’s skin.

I read this and instantly think of the sturdy layers that protect me—and keep more secrets and experiences than my brain can hold. Your skin has direct contact with life, with earth, while the mind only internalizes what it hears.

Your skin changes as you go through life—it scars, bloats, stretches, shrinks, wrinkles, blisters. It’s the largest organ we have, and the most exposed. We must take care of our skin. Just as it shields us, we need to protect it. Creams and lotions won’t cut it. We must let our skin breathe and provide it comfort. How do you give skin the ultimate comfort? With cotton.

Cotton, skin’s favorite fabric, embraces the Earth’s energy—wind, water, light. It absorbs humidity and keeps the body fresh. Wearing cotton is a way to show respect to your body. I encourage you to listen to your skin and give it what it years for: love, respect and super soft cotton.

note by D. Álvarez Gales 



Our whole life is a string of choices.

From the moment we wake up, we’re bombarded with choices. Do I brush my teeth before having a drink of water? Do I go for the cereal I’m craving or eat something healthy and finally start the diet I’ve been putting off? What road will I take to get to work? And the most challenging question of all: What will I wear to work?

So much of our day is consumed by choices, some of which are wasted energy. If we simplified our lives and cut down our options, we could focus on more important things.

Our trick to keeping things simple: always having a black tee on hand.

You might be wondering what a black T-shirt has to do with life’s important choices? For starters, it’s the secret to a stress-free morning. Instead of mulling over wardrobe options, you’ll go straight for this simple basic—which pairs with everything you already own. A black tee is your weapon for surviving the work week. Your brain will register your stress-free morning as a win in a day’s worth of battles, leaving you energized and ready to tackle all that lies ahead. Slipping on that black tee will fill you with the determination you need to overcome obstacles in life and at the office.

The smarter we are about the wardrobe choices we make, the smarter we’ll be about life’s choices. A practical closet for a practical life.

The secret to a simple life is a simple black tee. Imagine that.

note by D. Álvarez Gales

Photo Cred - saved you a seat


Traveling is busy, time is precious and, often, the people we meet are different each day. Your tops need to be flexible, classic and easy to wear. 

I’ll share with you my last packing experience when I went to NY and decided to pack a carry-on. Three-day trips don’t seem like a long time, but when the weather is unreliable and layers are needed—packing can be a nightmare. I have a bad habit of packing stuff I never end up wearing, but this time around I wore everything I brought. The reason? These easy to master tricks to traveling with just a carry-on and your Seventytwoº shirts. 

In my carry on were three main shirts and they were black or white and by Seventytwoº. The reasons vary, but generally, it was about being practical and feeling good. Simple.

1) Black.

I wear black, so I packed my black 24/7. Simple. People won’t notice when a black garment is dirty, so you can wear it multiple times. I always prefer comfort over anything else. This time around, traveling was just that—comfortable!

2) White.

I find wearing a white blouse with a dark pant such an easy look to pull off. Whether you’re going for an elegant look, romantic or boyish, Seventytwoº’s selection of monochrome are perfect to bring along. I picked the Second Skin for easy layering and instant coziness.

3) White turtleneck tee.

Our new turtleneck is the most comfortable and flattering tee I own…and the line’s best value (coming soon to you!!). It came with me all over New York, helped me feel great at dinner and was in perfect shape the next morning for another go around the city. Plus, it paired well with multiple pieces. Thank goodness for it. Next time, I’ll bring the black. Can’t wait for you to have your own. 

I wore these three tops every day, over and over again. I accessorized them with the other pieces I packed. I changed shoes, alternated jackets at night and swapped scarves with funky earrings. I realized that while my outfits were uniform, sticking to staples made getting dressed and out the door in the morning much easier.

Thankful for Seventytwoº monochromes for my speedy getaway, comfortable trip, and for showing me the lightweight version of looking good.