Now, I Know. The Process is the True Outcome.

Now, I Know. The Process is the True Outcome.

The other day I went to a yoga practice with one of my favorite people @inna.yoga.miami

What I like about her classes is the stillness. Her style consists of staying in the same position for a determined amount of time. So it's essentially a moving meditation.

What kept me going back to her classes was that I was finding myself getting into a comfortable place mentally in a clearly not physically comfortable position.

A good example is a full split (I am not a very flexible person #noshame). Being in this position made me so uncomfortable, but slowly I learned to relax in it, and even more than that, I started to see how my body was giving me more and more each time, and I could go deeper into the pose.

I believe that's the beauty of the body. It speaks to us in such subtle ways.

Going back to that day, the practice was about inversions (headstands, which is turning your body upside down). Generally, in this type of class, I just lay there or try for a hot second with the help of a wall. Mostly, I hang out there and wait until that part of the class is over.

That day the teacher asked me, "Why don't you try?" My answer was: "No, I can't. I will fall."

She said, "Try, I got you."After that, I started to try by kicking my legs up while she grabbed me. I immediately started to scream, "I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall."

She said, "Donna, you are not going to fall. I am here holding you. Try and feel your body upside down."

And wow! I felt it. It felt amazing.

My point with this experience is that we often miss out on the process because we focus all of our attention on the outcome.

Often, I feel that I often forget to enjoy the process or at least pay attention to it.

Now I know the process is the true outcome.
Sustainable Fashion: A Conversation –

Sustainable Fashion: A Conversation –

How many times have you seen an ad showing a ravaged ecosystem, starving children or abused animals, and then changed the channel? That’s a natural stress response. Humans are programmed to avoid what’s uncomfortable, so why put important messages, including ones about sustainability in a format that persuades people not to listen?

I am aware that this whole issue must be treated as an urgent matter,  but I think this can be done in a different way.

I want to change the dialogue and make it more positive to try to educate people with our own initiatives at seventytwo°.

seventytwo° is not completely sustainable yet, and the reality is, it will probably take us a few years to reach that goal, but as we work toward it, I want to focus on promoting environmental awareness and being totally transparent with the processes of the brand.

We are currently working with a small factory in Miami, Florida that creates short manufacturing series and generates a positive impact to the market, while avoiding a negative impact to the environment. 

Social consciousness and responsibility are vital for us. The people who are part of our team at seventytwo° are fundamental, that’s why we help our employees provide sustenance and quality of life to their homes. And provide them with the necessary training for the happy development in their labors. 

There’s still a lot of work to do. As the director of seventytwo°, I’m constantly thinking of our growth and our future, and that includes creating products that are 100% healthy for the environment and of the utmost quality, so we can prolong the life cycle of the garment (without hurting the planet).


Being at peace with NOT knowing –

Being at peace with NOT knowing –

The other day I was talking with one of my best friends. We were specifically talking about how we feel there are a lot of areas in our lives where we feel like we don’t have the answers.

As the textbook control freak I am, all I did was complain about not having answers about certain things, and that the anxiety I felt from not having those answers had been eating away at me to the point where I couldn’t sleep.

My friend, on the other hand, magical as she is, told me: “Donna… we need to learn to be at peace with the unknown.” She explained how in the last few months she’s learned to dance with the uncertainty she felt, and when she started to see uncertainty as a friend instead of a threat, she was able to find peace within it.  

It’s crazy how much we can grow with the right relationships. These types of lessons are always available to us, it’s just sometimes we hear them without truly listening. 

In this case, what did I learn from that conversation with my friend? 

Well, in this life we might not be certain about much. There’s even been moments that I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. 

We can’t choose what happens, or what’s coming, but we can choose how we react to it -- so as long as you can trust yourself, you can have certainty in something. 

I am sure of myself, and with that I know things will be okay. 

I want to invite you to start trusting yourself. To know that when things don’t turn out as planned, or when you don’t know what’s coming next, you don’t have to lose sleep trying to find a solution. 

Work on being at peace with whatever comes next. 

Be kind to yourself and the answers will come. 

I promise.