When in doubt: The White Tee.

Let’s take our white tee into consideration for a moment...

We have a theory: white T-shirts are a universally accepted means of comfort. It's the perfect piece of clothing. You can easily wear it with sweats if you feel lazy, but then throw on a leather skirt if you want to get fancy. It fits all versions of you. 

Beyond a pair of bottoms and a good attitude, our 24/7 white tee is guaranteed to make you feel delicious and at ease with yourself at all times. 

And to be honest, trends are great and everything. But more important is looking and feeling your best. It’s okay to give up trends every now and then. In fact, it’s healthy—let's think of it as a “fad diet.” But hey, maybe we can actually keep this one.

Now who’s ready to embark on this simpler, stylish way of life with us?

The Black Tee

The T-shirt that is ready for all situations: having coffee or wine, in love or love sick, ups downs and everything in between. All kinds of feelings are welcomed and intensely supported.

Forget the basic shirt: the one you’ve thought of as ordinary. The possibilities of a black T-shirt are endless now that we’ve created a single piece that speaks your language and embodies all of your different characters. 

What makes ours so special? It’s equal parts of care and respect. We’ve crafted our black basic from the inside out, from within. Timeless with a modern twist that feels safe and exciting at the same time. It’s a combination of interesting cuts and details that together create a sort of magic.

Our shirts are the medium with which we collaborate with you & we want our shirts to evolve with you, just as you do


Photo cred: Geneva Walker     |   |http://kiteandstringphoto.com/journal