Traveling Made Easy

Traveling is busy, time is precious and, often, the people we meet are different each day. Your tops need to be flexible, classic and easy to wear. 

I’ll share with you my last packing experience when I went to NY and decided to pack a carry-on. Three-day trips don’t seem like a long time, but when the weather is unreliable and layers are needed—packing can be a nightmare. I have a bad habit of packing stuff I never end up wearing, but this time around I wore everything I brought. The reason? These easy to master tricks to traveling with just a carry-on and your Seventytwoº shirts. 

In my carry on were three main shirts and they were black or white and by Seventytwoº. The reasons vary, but generally, it was about being practical and feeling good. Simple.

1) Black.

I wear black, so I packed my black 24/7. Simple. People won’t notice when a black garment is dirty, so you can wear it multiple times. I always prefer comfort over anything else. This time around, traveling was just that—comfortable!

2) White.

I find wearing a white blouse with a dark pant such an easy look to pull off. Whether you’re going for an elegant look, romantic or boyish, Seventytwoº’s selection of monochrome are perfect to bring along. I picked the Second Skin for easy layering and instant coziness.

3) White turtleneck tee.

Our new turtleneck is the most comfortable and flattering tee I own…and the line’s best value (coming soon to you!!). It came with me all over New York, helped me feel great at dinner and was in perfect shape the next morning for another go around the city. Plus, it paired well with multiple pieces. Thank goodness for it. Next time, I’ll bring the black. Can’t wait for you to have your own. 

I wore these three tops every day, over and over again. I accessorized them with the other pieces I packed. I changed shoes, alternated jackets at night and swapped scarves with funky earrings. I realized that while my outfits were uniform, sticking to staples made getting dressed and out the door in the morning much easier.

Thankful for seventytwo° monochromes for my speedy getaway, comfortable trip, and for showing me the lightweight version of looking good.

Quality Can Be Accessible

The sweet thing about basics is that they never go out of style.

Shapes and cuts vary over time but, a basic white tee is one of those staples that will always stick around—like Seventytwo°. The good part: dressing is no longer limited to trends and fashion these days is about accessibility and personal style, in whichever way you choose to express it. We get it, splurging on a plain T-shirt doesn’t seem the most obvious.

But if you consider the numerous uses you’ll get from it or how essential it will become in your closet, it is actually the most financially responsible decision you could ever make.

A well-made tee won’t lose it's grace after being washed AND you will love it forever. 

So, how are you supposed to pick which T-shirt you'd want to invest in? Our suggestion is simple: consider your style! If you prefer a draped look, I’d opt for the Turn Around tee; but if a minimal shape is more your steeze, go for our basic 24/7 cotton shirts. I’m currently sporting my 24/7 white tee, and I have to admit, it’s what fairly priced, quality T-shirt dreams are made of!

Stay here to shop some of our favorite tees that will last!

Easy and pulled together

The Seventytwo style sits at the intersection of everyone’s favorite style mantra: easy to wear but seemingly pulled together. 

It’s the end of March, the holidays are way over and we are in for a few months of monotony. By now, we’ve worn everything to death and we’re probably all needing a lift. Rather than splurging on a new wardrobe, pepper your existing collection with a few pieces.

Thank god for our new collection!

We’ve created a curated assortment of basics so you can be practical—and a little seductive. The way we dress is only a small part of finding one’s signature style, but it does wonders to boost your confidence if it's done right, for you. It really is about how we feel more than it is about how we look.

If I feel comfortable in what I am wearing, I am off to a good start. You should follow suit! Stay tuned - the new collection will be up sooner than you think!