The Sit Back

The Sit Back

We caught up with Shanna Dornbusch, one of the creative minds behind Vanilla Shake, the most delicious branding boutique in town. Thanks for being a solid part of the Seventytwo° family and for sitting down with us for this chat:

When do you feel your most comfortable and what are you wearing?
I wear jeans all of the time… [paired with] solid-colored T-shirts or something flowy and sneakers or flats. No high heels. I don’t wear any makeup. I am not the fancy type. This is how I feel the most comfortable.

In terms of atmosphere, I guess it depends on the people who surround me. [I like] very easy vibes, no judgment. I just have to feel that I am comfortable with myself. If were talking about a physical space, my office, is the perfect example of where I feel my best: open spaces, great lighting, easy going people, nothing too fancy—but always pretty and neat (hehe). What I wear, who I am and where I am has to flow together. Comfort is always top priority for me.

Do you remember your aha! moment? The moment you began to chase your dreams.

During the last two years of high school, I knew for sure that I wanted to study design. I was going to study architecture because I didn’t know graphic design existed. When I found out it was a possibility, I knew graphic design was perfect for me. I didn’t think I would do my own thing until after I left my first job as a designer in Corporate America. I missed collaborating. I left my first job and started thinking… dreaming. Deep down I knew something bigger was going to happen.

This—having my own company—is big for me! It all just came like a wave of new things, and Vanilla Shake really has been my biggest dream. And you know, getting married, starting a family. Slowly but surely, everything started to fall into place. Traveling did, too. I always knew and dreamed that traveling was going to be an important part of any dream I decided to pursue.

 Your thoughts on defining success.

Success is accomplishing your dreams—whatever they are. It doesn’t have to be about money; it’s about a personal achievement. I think that’s it. It’s all about relationships, it’s who you know and through whom. It’s all about the people.

What’s your favorite way to unwind from a busy day?

Anything—including a glass of whiskey, which is very Venezuelan of me to say. Whatever breaks up that “desk” feeling. Yoga also helps me center myself. I find that allowing myself space to breathe and being in a place with a lot of light—even a balcony—is the most important. I have my routines but I also need to try something different. I feel a constant need to get out, meet new people, get to know new cultures and reconnect with the unknown.

Tips on self-love.

You need time to yourself. You need to treat yourself. I spoil myself with gifts, even small ones like beauty products or sometimes massages. So often we dedicate our lives to someone or something else and forget that it’s important to give back to ourselves, too.