Easy and pulled together

The Seventytwo style sits at the intersection of everyone’s favorite style mantra: easy to wear but seemingly pulled together. 

It’s the end of March, the holidays are way over and we are in for a few months of monotony. By now, we’ve worn everything to death and we’re probably all needing a lift. Rather than splurging on a new wardrobe, pepper your existing collection with a few pieces.

Thank god for our new collection!

We’ve created a curated assortment of basics so you can be practical—and a little seductive. The way we dress is only a small part of finding one’s signature style, but it does wonders to boost your confidence if it's done right, for you. It really is about how we feel more than it is about how we look.

If I feel comfortable in what I am wearing, I am off to a good start. You should follow suit! Stay tuned - the new collection will be up sooner than you think! 

It Simply Works

Our new collection is cooking & we can't wait to serve you.

A few new basics with more practicality and seducing twists. The beauty of it comes from an edge over the detail and functionality over trends. We might be the only ones to recognize these tees as completely different, but that is perfectly fine. We trust that once you wear them, you'll be smitten and on board with us!  

How did our designs make the final cut? Making it into this collection was anything but basic: the tees had to feel trend-less but stylish, must be able to ease into multiple wears and washes, and must mix well with others/anything.

The dream: in a few minutes, you are ready to leave your house and be put together. The how-to: wear your two colors and four shirts without it feeling like your walking in your uniform.

Feels a lot like white, black, repeat, except it's special everytime. There is definitely something to be said about that kind of functionality. Who's with us!?  

Stay tuned, it's coming real soon! 

When in doubt: The White Tee.

Let’s take our white tee into consideration for a moment...

We have a theory: white T-shirts are a universally accepted means of comfort. It's the perfect piece of clothing. You can easily wear it with sweats if you feel lazy, but then throw on a leather skirt if you want to get fancy. It fits all versions of you. 

Beyond a pair of bottoms and a good attitude, our 24/7 white tee is guaranteed to make you feel delicious and at ease with yourself at all times. 

And to be honest, trends are great and everything. But more important is looking and feeling your best. It’s okay to give up trends every now and then. In fact, it’s healthy—let's think of it as a “fad diet.” But hey, maybe we can actually keep this one.

Now who’s ready to embark on this simpler, stylish way of life with us?